Everything Is Just Enough
Everything Is Just Enough
Everything Is Just Enough
Dom Kelly

Everything Is Just Enough

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From Dom Kelly, drummer and vocalist for the Independent Music Award-winning band A Fragile TomorrowEverything Is Just Enough is a pop-folk exploration that shimmers with reflectiveness and emotional honesty. After having spent the past 7 years in recovery, Kelly was ready to come to terms with some of the other impactful events that were happening in his life. Within the music he opens up about many complex situations that he was dealing with that involved family, mortality, security and the drawn-out pain of weathering these issues. 



1. 12 (feat. Emily Saliers)
2. Same As The Old Me (feat. Chris Trapper)
3. I'll Whisper In Your Ear (feat. Sean Kelly)
4. Hailey's Gone
5. Infinity (feat. Sarah Bettens)
6. Pie (feat. Doris Muramatsu)
7. Another Question
8. If I Needed You (feat. Lucy Wainwright Roche)
9. Great Already

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