The Phantom Cowboy
The Phantom Cowboy
K's Choice

The Phantom Cowboy

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Platinum-selling band K’s Choice have fulfilled their musical destiny by crafting an aggressive, in your face, must-hear rock record, “The Phantom Cowboy” due on Sept. 18, 2015. The album was produced by Alain Johannes – longtime buddy of Dave Grohl – whose musician and production collaborations have included Queens of the Stone Age, Mark Lanegan, Live, PJ Harvey and many more. Still considered one of the biggest bands from Belgium, since their founding in the mid-nineties K's Choice have scored numerous Top 10 Album positions. Their biggest break came in 1995, when they released "Not An Addict", a single that was very successful and brought international fame.

1. As Rock & Roll As It Gets
2. Woman
3. Perfect Scar
4. Private Revolution
5. We Are The Universe
6. The Phantom Cowboy
7. Bag Full Of Concrete
8. Come Alive
9. Gimme Real
10. Down
11. I Was Wrong About Everything

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