Morbid Romantic
Rachael Sage

Morbid Romantic

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The first release from New York City songwriter/chanteuse Rachael Sage. Morbid Romantic charted in CMJ’s Top 30 nationwide and has officially been recognized as the “best selling consignment recording ever” at Tower Records in downtown Manhattan. Morbid Romantic is a prime example of what Rachael does best: sensual, ethnically-tinged songs with an eye for beauty and an ear for the absurd. Rachael and her hand-painted keyboard deliver an album of lush textures with striking originality and beautiful melodies.

1. Souvenir
2. The Spirit We
3. Morbid Romantic
4. Momentary War
5. Brightness
6. William
7. Driving With God
8. Rain So Hard
9. Begin To Stop
10. Guardians
11. Stone
12. Language of Flowers

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