Time Bomb, Baby
Time Bomb, Baby
Time Bomb, Baby
Sean Kelly

Time Bomb, Baby

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Time was always ticking until the burning fuse inside Sean Kelly detonated into his first solo debut album, Time Bomb Baby. As the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for the critically-acclaimed, award-winning band A Fragile Tomorrow, Kelly has carved out his own individual artistic path and emerged with enchanting songs that simmer with a smart, sensual glamour.   

Kelly’s own story began as one of identical triplets born with Cerebral Palsy. Tragedy first struck when one brother passed at a young age, which inspired Kelly to form his power-pop group, A Fragile Tomorrow, with his twin Dom and their younger brother Brendan. As teens, the group toured relentlessly with major artists like Indigo Girls, The Bangles and Toad The Wet Sprocket. The band released five albums including 2015’s Make Me Over (MPress Records), which earned an Independent Music Award for their collaboration with distant relative Joan Baez.

Featuring guest artist Gail Ann Dorsey (David Bowie, Lenny Kravitz), Time Bomb, Baby is a heady explosion of lushly layered indie-pop that floats between charming quirkiness and a muscular sonic sensibility. The songs lovingly pay respect to 80’s auteurs such as Bryan Ferry, Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush while firmly riding a futuristic wave of swirling harmonies, shapeshifting guitars and thoroughly modern songwriting.


1. You Started It
2. Syncopation
3. Gold To Me
4. In America
5. No Sound
6. [11.27.15]
7. Let Me Be The First To Find Out
8. The Light
9. Poughkeepsie
10. Ticking Like A Time Bomb
11. We're Getting Older Brother

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