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Rachael Sage’s “Choreographic” delivers a musically ambitious and emotionally accessible tribute to her very first love: dance. Connecting to her roots in ballet, the NYC-based artist "envisioned each song as a fully-choreographed multi-media experience". The result is an inspired set of piano-based chamber-pop merging orchestral elements with her signature blend of folk, pop and rock. The album was co- produced by Sage and Grammy® winning producer Andy Zulla (Idina Menzel, Rod Stewart).


1. Heaven (Is A Grocery Clerk)
2. Loreena
3. Try Try Try
4. Home
5. I Don’t Believe It
6. French Doors
7. Clear Today
8. I’ve Been Waiting
9. Learn to Let You Go
10.  Five Alarms
11. 7 Angels
12. It Would Be Enough
13. Home (Acoustic)
14. So Far Away (Bonus, iTunes only)

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