Make Me Over
Make Me Over
A Fragile Tomorrow

Make Me Over

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An eclectic mixture of modern glam-rock and retro-power-pop, A Fragile Tomorrow possesses a truly unique sound anchored by Elvis Costello-esque harmonies and stellar musicianship. Their MPress Records debut, "Make Me Over", features the band's signature melodic hooks along with appearances by Joan Baez, Indigo Girls and members of Crowded House and The Bangles. Self-produced and recorded in the band's own Savannah-based studio, the album was mixed by Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris, Bob Dylan), mastered by multiple Grammy® Winner Greg Calbi, and is their strongest, most self-realized album to date. 

1. Make Me Over (Noddy Holder)
2. Tie Me Up Again
3. Billion
4. One Of Two, Two Of Three
5. Kissing Games
6. Tell Me How To Feel
7. In My Mind
8. Hit Parade
9. Interlude
10. Siouxsie
11. Everybody Knows
12. Can't You Hear Me
Bonus track: One Way Ticket (Feat. Joan Baez & Indigo Girls)

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