Vol 4 - Artist Against Youth Homelessness
New Arrivals

Vol 4 - Artist Against Youth Homelessness

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New Arrivals: Vol. 4 is the latest in MPress Records' charity compilation series, conceived by MPress founder Rachael Sage. Culled from over 1,000 submissions, "NAV4" features a wealth of indie talent including: Grammy® nominee Dave Eggar; American Idol® contestant Caleb Hawley; cult favorite Michelle Malone; MPress artists Seth Glier & Rachael Sage; critically-acclaimed duo The Paper Raincoat; & a bonus track by Verve artist Lucy Woodward. 100% of all funds collected from the sale of this compilation benefit National Network for Youth, an organization devoted to the needs of homeless youth.


1. Caleb Hawley: Other Side Of It All
2. Seth Glier:  Lauralee
3. Michelle Citrin: Coffee
4. Light In August: Northern Lights
5. Lindsay Mac: Stop Thinking
6. The Paper Raincoat: Sympathetic Vibrations
7. Rachael Davis: Mark Of Cain
8. Micah Dalton: We Came Alive Tonight
9. Avi Wisnia: New Year
10. Josh Schicker: The Other Side
11. Michelle Malone: Miss Miss'ippi
12. Anthony Salari: Soul Shaker
13. Walter Parks: Troubadour
14. Dave Eggar: Birdcage
15. Hailey Wojcik: Luck
16. Katie Costello: Isn't It Lovely
17. Greta Gertler & The Extroverts: Veselka
18. Sarah Lentz: Jericho
19. JP Hoe: Safe And Sound
20. Rachael Sage: Big Star
21.Lucy Woodward: He Got Away

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